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Employees should be recognized as a company's greatest asset. Without them, company wouldn’t be where they are today. We want our team to be happy after that and feel fulfilled in their jobs. We also want to motivate our team to be as productive as possible, without pushing them too far and stressing them out. For younger employees, a manager allowing them to have fun on the job is important because fun leads to the development of friendships. It can accelerate bonding and encourages connectivity between teams.



Have a games area! If you want your team to stay motivated and refreshed, you should be encouraging them to take regular breaks. Some executives and managers would assume that games simply disrupt work. However, psychologists would say otherwise. Contrary to popular belief, games help employees get through an entire workday.  

Though having a strategic games room in the office may seem too taboo for the companies that have been around for a while, there are a handful of organizations that have allowed their employees to have some play time. Most companies have already embraced the idea that all work and no play results in a bored and disengaged employee. They all believe that allowing fun into the office has its perks. Playing games helps relieve stress and allow them to feel more in control of what they are doing. 

From shooting pool to playing various games, plenty of coworking spaces have various indoor games for employees to refresh themselves, when not in a mood to work. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged game room, but a single pool table or foosball still creates a fun environment that encourages employees to relax every now and then. 


A game of table tennis gets our blood pumping, improves and preserves mental ability. In addition to this, it enhances strategy and long-term memory.


All the while, pool tables are good for unwinding after a long day. It helps fight the aging process, improves hand eye coordination as well as cognitive skills. Companies can try having team games to end the day in a positive way.


Foosball and air hockey tables refresh the mind and body, encourage teamwork and help employees view problems in new ways. Friendly matches throughout the day to relieve stress.


Establishing the perfect work environment is not easy and so is finding ways to keep employees motivated and engaged. Find the right balance between fun and work, the happier we all will be.


It is very nice when companies appreciate and thank them for a hard year and contributions especially during a pandemic and changes when almost all the employees were out for various reasons, maybe even being sick was one of them. The best is to let them know how much the company enjoys them being part of the team. Show them some respect, involve and engage them in making relationships better. Everyone likes being appreciated. Knowing that they are appreciated and valued, helps employees build a sense of security and motivates them to continue great work.


Ready to give playing games a chance? Strategically choose which game you’d want to offer to employees and start having fun.