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Small Game Room

When creating a new game room for your home, space is always crucial. Decide in advance how your space will be used and what from your wish list can make it into the room. There is a huge selection of games that are perfect for a game room. Since a game room is a location which is designed for fun activities, keep in mind that most game tables need anywhere from 3-5 feet of additional space around them, otherwise they can overwhelm a small room. You want as much off the floor as possible when discovering the best game room concepts for your small space. Bear in mind that there are no set rules. In other words, you have lots of choices when decorating your game room. Here are some ideas on which games that are suitable for your small space game room.


Darts are naturally a space-friendly game and while no one actually knows how points are awarded, everyone knows to aim for the bullseye in the middle. The best thing about dartboards is their ability to go anywhere! Get out your tape measure because hanging the board is pretty specific business. The board must be hung 172 centimetres from the floor to the centre of the dartboard.

Foosball Tables

Foosball tables are suitable for anyone who does not have a lot of extra space in their home. You can take measurements of your game room and we are sure you’ll find the perfect fit. Don’t forget about the rods! Remember that they stick out from both sides of the table. While considering the right dimensions, don’t forget that there will be players around the table too! The game is not very physically demanding as the body movement during the game is not very extensive. That makes assigning a small area of your game room for foosball may be a great idea.

Multigame Tables

If you want a game table that will please people of varying interests and skill levels, choose a combination game table. Multigame tables usually can be converted into several different gaming tables. Take a look at this Mightymast Leisure 7ft Revolver Pool, Air Hockey & Table Tennis Table which has removable table top surfaces that lift off to reveal a second or other game choices. Consider the ages of the people who will be spending time in your game room and choose this combination game table that will keep all of them entertained.

Pool Tables

Before choosing one for your game room, you’ll need to measure the space and determine if you have enough room. Pool table is not great if you are not pressed for space. If you’re looking for a functional space, you can get a pool table that converts into a dining table - so you can use the game room space for something else! Take a look at this CM1 6ft Multi Playing British Pool Table. This is the bestselling small size table for any dining room and next can be transformed into a game room within minutes.

Wall Mount Arcade Machine

With a small room, the only feasible way of fitting the arcade machine is by having it wall mounted. If you are a game-lover, this Arcade Wall Mount 32" Premium Arcade Machine is perfect for your small game room, especially considering how huge and heavy an arcade cabinet.

Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis has a similar visual appeal as a pool table, but it's way easier to maintain and move around. Another option is to get the foldable one. They are about the same size as a full sized one but the main difference is that the legs fold up and they are lighter so that they can be stored when they are not in used.