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As the Covid-19 pandemic has developed, many indoor sports, gym or fitness centres, game and entertainment centres have closed their doors. We know it may be years before things begin to return to normal but there is a silver lining that makes it important for us to seek quality time with extended family at our home sweet home. Home is the safest place for you to have fun and play together so it's important to have peace of mind, thanks to the lockdown restrictions.



How have you changed your home to adapt to the pandemic? Do consider transforming your spare room into a space that you can perform entertainment and activities in your home. Now we’re figuring out new ways to combine or separate space for different functions because it's going to be home for the foreseeable future where all needs - work, school, play, exercise and entertainment must be met. Aside from the kitchen, GAME ROOM is one of the new must have valuable spaces for keeping the peace within the household where they could unwind, entertain whenever they pleased and offer a chance to get away without ever leaving the house. Make the most out of the space you've got then you can finally cancel that annual pass to your local amusement park!



A snooker or pool table is of course the centrepiece of your game room. Then choose other games that would be good family games for everyone to enjoy - darts, carrom, foosball, air hockey and some classic games such as Snakes and Ladders and Sahibba! Have fun choosing one or two games to inspire your family game room but don’t try to include too many if your space is small. We know that you are running out of activities to keep your family entertained, so we are here to help. We have an amazing selection and if there is something not on our website, gamesroom will bring it in for you!


Happy New Year from us at gamesroom and we'll see you very soon!