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Indoor Sports & Games Keep You Fit


With the growing importance of sports and games in our country, it has become a much talked about topic for all. This month, October is a National Sports Month for Malaysia and we are excited to encourage people to take up any sports or physical related activities to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Sports and games are definitely the primary form of funenjoyment and entertainment, but it also ensures that one stays fit, has good stamina and remains in good health. Playing games and sports gives various nice results with combo pack of exercise and excitement. Be it a small child or an elderly person - sports and games are recommended for all. We often overlook the importance of games and sports.

People often forget just how wide and varied the term ‘sports’ really is, and as long as you are just looking for anything enjoyable that you can get into which has a competitive element, you should find that there are plenty of options for that available to you.

Look for sports, games and exercises that you can do together, separately or both - whatever works for your family. You don’t even notice you’re being more active when you’re doing it with friends and family and it’s an excellent way to spend your leisure time properly.

To get you started, here are some suggestions for you:


Carroms is a game where two or four people can enjoy playing. This game increases team spirit and enhances focus.

Snooker & Pool

Snooker and pool can be played indoors which enhances coordination and promotes self-confidence. Wherever you are in the world it’s clear that both snooker and pool are a lot more than just pub games these days. They are up there with the likes of football, rugby, basketball and tennis and should definitely be considered sports.


It is a simple thing to install a dartboard in your home and treat yourself to a nice set of darts, and yet with this you can hope to provide yourself with hours upon hours of entertainment. Playing darts is the kind of pastime which tends to act as a calming and somewhat therapeutic exercise, so it’s well worth thinking about for that reason too.


Foosball is without a doubt, a game for everyone. There is actually no excuse as to not play table football because, in reality, it’s a game for anybody whether young at heart or young at age, can play foosball. Playing foosball does not only offer entertainment and fun for you but also gauges your ability to play fair as well as be a good sport.

Table Tennis

If you are in search of an indoor sports that could give you a regular dose of exercise, then table tennis is a good choice. It provides fun and is challenging sport to burn out our extra calories. Additionally, the game requires less space and actually can be played in the house. You just need a table and couple of paddles specifically for this game. In order to win, the individual is supposed to have a good coordination between the eyes and hands. It’s great for a friendly game against your friend and family.


Badminton is the second most played sport after tennis. It does not require a large space for it to be played. Just like other indoor games, it involves a lot of thinking and eye coordination. It also involves a lot of running which is good for the physical health of the body. It makes an individual more flexible and improves coordination capability. Grab your shuttlecock, and try it for yourself.


As well as being a great way to stay fit, basketball can also be practiced alone. All you need is a basketball and a hoop.



If you need to get in shape, we’ve got you covered there too. Browse our fitness equipment pages for everything you need for a full workout, from a punch bagskipping rope to martial arts equipment and don’t forget an exercise mat to stretch out on at the end.

No matter what sports or games you choose, remember that you can keep trying new ones! Start playing indoor games whenever you can and you will love the changes it brings in your life. Despite indoor games being fun, you will also gain a lot of health and mental benefits as well!

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