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Create A Place Where Residents Love To Live And Feel Like Home


Creating that feeling takes work but there are many ways property managers can make this easier. Residents deserve a home which they will be proud of and a lifestyle of ease, convenience and leisure.


The goal of any amenity is to provide something useful to the residents where there is a sense of community and connectedness between residents and the building. One of the best ways is to offer various fun for them to enjoy and spend more time in the building.



Planned games in a games or recreation room can allow residents to get to know one another. It may be the first step in building relationships, encouraging social interaction and community building.



An arcade corner is a fun, ever-popular addition to any games room. A game that’s a blast to play with family and friends. Nothing can beat the feeling of playing classics when an arcade machine comes in! 


They require just a small space but must be placed near an electrical outlet, usually against a wall. A stool often makes the best seating for these games.






Foosball or Table Tennis? They are both great games and deciding on either for the recreation or games room will be a great idea. The foosball table is usually much smaller than a table tennis so if space is a major factor, you may be better off with the table football game.




A games room also adds an upmarket value to the property and is more appealing to prospective residents from young adults to seniors. Residents like the fact that they can use it whenever they want without any ownership costs to worry about.


Moreover, it makes socializing pretty much easier without even going out of the gates of the community where they live. Residents are the players who meet regularly for social and competitive games. These games are going to cover everybody’s preferences and the way to keep all of the residents happy and busy. 



This really sets the property apart from the rest that may increase resident retention and satisfaction.



The space they take up is minimal but they become quite a popular hangout for residents.



The pool table and the dartboard are major hits amongst the residents. While the pool table brings in a sense of familiarity to the players, the dartboard offers a very easy and intuitive way for new players to get hooked to the game. It is also a great way to burn some calories and build community in their own condo or apartment building.



We have delivered and installed hundreds of indoor sports and games equipment for homes, offices, commercial and residential buildings across Malaysia. From small to large game room size, we work with facility managers, property managers, office coordinators, interior designers and homeowners to create spaces that are fun and functional. Most importantly, the entire space is installed in one day.


Bring the opportunity where residents can play their favourite indoor games at the most comfortable surroundings. Design a secure, fun spaces that cater to each group needs. They can come and enjoy their quality time with friends and family members with no hesitation at the games or recreation room. This will also encourage every member of family, big and small to enjoy an active lifestyle.


With a series of indoor games like table tennis, pool or snooker, foosball, carrom and darts, there can’t be a reason to ever feel bored at home - days and nights of endless fun!