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It’s time to think about replacing felt for snooker or pool table if you start seeing lint or fuzz being easily picked off. Even though tables last quite a while, it may still show signs of wear and tear over time. Once it's completely worn, a snooker or pool table felt replacement is needed.


While you do not need to be a professional to play snooker or pool game, we do recommend hiring professional team to correct, repair or move your table. A billiard table must be level and well maintained in order to get the most out of the sport. Our goal is always to bring the table back to its original design, its former playability and highest standard to look and play like new.



Most people replace felts not because of wear and tear but rather for a new colour. Changing the colour is a more affordable solution than buying a new table.

Make sure always to keep your table felt and cloth covered when you’re not playing. This keeps it clean and well maintained.