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Everyone likes shooting pool, from the look of the pool table in the room to the sound when you take your break shot. It is not just a focal point for family-friendly leisure but also a large piece of furniture that seriously enhances your home’s aesthetics, provided you get the right one. Having a pool table will provide you, family and friends with countless hours of fun as we all know, a game of pool is a relaxing social activity that people of all ages play and enjoy a lot. 




Never buy a pool table without measuring the room where you’ll put it first. A pool table is a significant purchase that you must approach carefully because it requires some thinking and planning which you need to consider space, lighting and accessories. You want to ensure you get the right table that fits comfortably in your game room with adequate space around all sides of the table because not only does this table take up a lot of space on its own but so do cues and the people playing the game.



Go for 7-Foot Pool Table

Yes, go with a 7-foot pool table if you don’t have enough space for a larger table. It will be enough to dust off your cue stick whenever you need to. 


 CM1 7ft City American Pool Table

 CM1 7ft City British Pool Table

 Supreme Pool 7ft Winner English Pool Table

 CM1 7ft Ivory American Pool Table


 7ft Roma British Pool Dining Table

 CM1 6ft Multi Playing British Pool Table


Go for 8-Foot Pool Table

This size of table can help sharpen your defence skills, mainly because your opponent will also like the table too. With both of you comfortable at playing, the game should be quite interesting. Most pool table buyers will opt for the larger size if they have the space because of a better playing experience and a more tournament style feel.

 CM1 8ft City American Pool Table

CM1 8ft City British Pool Table

CM1 8ft Gold Crown American Pool Table

CM1 8ft Ivory American Pool Table

Foospeed 8ft Crown Pool Table

Rasson 8ft Victory II Plus American Pool Table


Go for 9-Foot Pool Table

If money or space is not a problem and you really want to get serious about developing your skills, you may want to consider a 9-foot table. While the game might be more difficult at first, once you have gotten used to playing on a large table like this, the smaller sized tables will be a breeze. So, if you want to play like a pro, then a 9-foot table is the best. But most homes dont have a room that can accommodate this size, so if you had to have a 7-foot or an 8-foot table, then it is still fine. Play on what you can fit!


⓵ CM1 9ft Century Silver American Pool Table

CM1 9ft Gold Crown American Pool Table

Foospeed 9ft Crown Pool Table

Foospeed 9ft Grande Pool Table

Foospeed 9ft Knight Pool Table

Riley 9ft Aristocrat American Pool Table

⓻ Riley 9ft Grand American Pool Table

 Riley 9ft Ray American Pool Table

⓽ Rasson 9ft Challenger Plus American Pool Table

 Rasson 9ft OX American Pool Table

 Rasson 9ft Victory II Plus American Pool Table


A pool table can be made with a single slab of slate or with three slabs that are lined up together. Slate itself should not bend over time, a very durable and heavy material. Although there are plenty of cheaper playfield surfaces available, quality slate is built to last!



Ask yourself what skill level you want the pool table to accommodate. Is it just for fun with the family or are you longing for some professional grade play? There is no standard size and it all depends on the preference of the user. As mentioned, consider the durability, materials and overall quality of the pool table first. Take some time to discuss and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of with our knowledgeable salesperson. It would be a shame not to get the longest lasting, best looking and most fun table within your budget you possibly can.

A pool table also needs to be installed by a professional team for optimum playing performance. Poor construction can result in wobbly legs, unlevel and an overall poor gameplay experience. All our pool tables come equipped with the essentials: balls, cues, chalk and a triangle. However, there are also plenty of other accessories you can add on to any pool tables.

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