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The 7ft Revolver Pool, Air Hockey & Table Tennis allows you to have a full size MDF pool table and a full size air hockey table in your games area plus the smaller table tennis table without using up all your valuable room space! The multigame table simply flips over 180 degrees to reveal either a 7ft pool table or a 7ft air hockey table and just put the table tennis on top. The easy to rotate mechanism has been designed so it can be carried out by just one person unlike many other similar tables on the market.

Built with durability in mind, the 7ft Revolver Pool Table is built with an MDF bed playing field which reduces the weight of the table compared to a full size slate bed pool table. The MDF cabinet is laminated with a black carbon-fibre effect and the shiny chrome corner pocket caps add an extra bit of sparkle to the table. The pool table cabinet can be easily kept clean with a damp cloth. Also featuring drop pockets, the pool balls simply collect in the pockets.

Unique quick & easy game change - lever system takes seconds to change from one game to another. So simple that just one person can do it on their own! - with its "ice white" shiny playing surface and hockey field markings, and powered by an electronic powerful fan which blasts out jets of air which create a fantastic cushion of air, so the pucks can fly around the table. Also fitted with score counters so you can keep track of the score, and supplied with 6 pucks and 4 strikers. When a goal is scored, the puck smartly drops through the internal chute and sits in the puck return section behind each goal. Apart from really minor things to make it perfect it is great fun for the whole family and friends and very reasonable value for the money.




The 7ft Twister is a full size air hockey table that is perfect for home use! With the Twister table you get a great family game that can comfortably accommodate 2 to 4 players and will prove addictive thanks to its fast, edgy and competitive game play.

This table features an inlaid audible electronic scorer and LED display. There is also a powerful electric motor to provide fast and smooth puck action. The Twister is a robust, full size model that offers great value for money and is light enough to be moved to one side when not in use.




The Vortex air hockey is a top of the range full size air hockey table. This table combines a unique matt black and chrome effect corners and piping design with a sturdy build and adjustable height feet to achieve a perfect level playing surface. It is not just a great full size table for the home games room but can also be used in a communal area - just put your money on the side in classic pub fashion!